Conflict is inevitable and it can be devastating in marriage without understanding the true meaning of conflict and what to do. Derrick and Sonya break it down in 14 minutes. For conflict resolution in marriage and other resources visit

This week on Can We Talk? Derrick & Sonya begin the vlog with hilarious outtakes. They discuss the marriage vows, specifically "For Better or For Worse." They changed the words to; "For Better AND Worse. What does the worse look like in your marriage and do you leave when the worse comes? Subscribe to receive weekly vlogs. Share and bless someone else. For marriage resources and counseling visit

After some hilarious outtakes, Derrick & Sonya have a real passionate conversation on why it's not good for man to be alone. Specifically husbands. How the legacy of the husband and wife is traumatically impacted on the decision a couple makes to divorce. They encourage husbands not to leave home and wives not to put the husbands out of the home. Subscribe to see more videos and share.