Money is the number one issue married couples argue about. 86% of couples who married in the last five years started out in debt. The higher a couple’s debt burden, the more likely they will argue about money. Couples in healthy marriages are much more likely to talk about their money dreams and make long-term money goals. Derrick and Sonya discuss the importance of knowing the feeling towards money and where it comes from. Derrick & Sonya are mental health therapists practicing in Georgia. Visit for more information.

With over 24 years of clinical practice with individuals and couples, Derrick and Sonya provide 3 reasons why marriages are failing. They provide humor with thought-provoking information which can benefit those contemplating marriage and already married. The Marriage Menders supports individuals, couples, marriages, and families. This is done through counseling, conferences, retreats, and seminars. Visit to book counseling appointments, retreats, and seminars.

Everyone in marriage has fears, what are yours? How do you talk about them? This vlog is educational, interactive and funny. The Marriage Menders provides support for individuals, couples, marriages and families.