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Conflict in marriage is inevitable, however when emotions are high things can get out of control. A spouse will resort back to how they fought others in their past. A disregard of the wedding vows and the safety and care for the other is unacceptable. Fighting is never acceptable in marriage, but when it happens there are things that must be implemented. Derrick & Sonya address this topic through teachings, humor and strong accountability.

Life can take it's toll on marriages. Work, school, children, family and the list goes on and on. It's important to keep the marriage "HOT" An Honest Open and Transparent marriage is a "HOT" marriage. Derrick & Sonya share three ways to keep the marriage hot. The Marriage Menders provides support for individuals, couples, marriages and families. This is done through counseling, conferences, retreats and seminars. Visit for more information.

It seems that husbands and wives have put down the walls of protecting each other. Married couples seem to say and do whatever they want to each other without thinking about the damage it causes to the person. Hear from other couples along with Derrick & Sonya on things that you should not do in marriage.