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There are many reasons why people get married. During our 21 years of marriage counseling we found that 90% of the couples we have counseled said that they should've waited to get married. Not that they didn't love each other, they just didn't know anything about marriage and what it required.

We want singles to understand marriage before they say 'I Do'. The "Before I say 'I Do' Conference" will teach singles what it really takes to be married.

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The final episode of "Can We Talk"-Episode 12-Let's Talk About Sex. Derrick & Sonya have a in-depth talk about sex in marriage. Want real talk about sex? Here it is! Season 2 will resume in the fall of 2018.

One of the reasons why marriages are being destroyed is the lack of knowing the "real person". Some people may have come into the marriage with a mask and never took it off. This causes a false identity in the marriage and the spouse only knows a certain percentage of that person. Derrick and Sonya took off their mask during this vlog.