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Meeting your counseling needs at the moment you need it.  Making the most of your time while saving money. If you need more time than just a 60-minute session, get a monthly subscription. With a subscription you'll get unlimited contact with the counselor. Unlimited text, unlimited phone and based on your subscription, video or face to face counseling.  


Platinum Subscription-Platinum includes: One month of unlimited text messages,Three 30 minute telephone counseling (1x per week). FOUR 60 minute sessions either via video, telephonic or face to face (1x week). With this subscription you will also receive: free admission to all conferences, workshops, seminars and retreats sponsored by The Marriage Menders (within 1 year of the subscription). This subscription is for individuals or couples who are in constant conflict and are unable to resolve daily issues and needs reminders, coaching, problem solving and accountability. Monthly Subscription $420.00

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