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Individual Counseling

Pre Marriage Counseling 

Marriage Counseling

  • The Marriage Menders conducts individual counseling for men, women, young adults and teens. Confidential counseling that will help the client process their the journey that they are traveling.

The Marriage Menders conducts premarriage counseling. Preparing couples for marriage requires an intensive 8 week curriculum. Couples will be properly prepared for marriage after the completion of the curriculum.

Whether you are in need of a marriage tune up, you may be in conflict that has continued, or you are in crisis and in need of emergency response. The Marriage Menders Christian based counseling , using Cognitive Behavior Therapy has proven to be successful. 

Retreats, Seminars, Sermons

The Marriage Menders conducts retreats and seminars for families, married couples, singles, youth covering a variety of topics.

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