Bill Cosby, was known as the father everyone wanted in their home. His fall from grace has impact many lives. This week's vlog Derrick & Sonya will discuss what men should learned from his fall. The fall of men is lack of Self Control. You don't want to miss this real conversation for marriages. For counseling, retreats and seminars visit

Ayesha Curry's vulnerable comments during Jada Pinkett's Red Table Talk stirred up Social Media. Her

husband, NBA superstar Steph Curry did want all husbands should do. He protected her, supported her and showed her love. In this Vlog Derrick & Sonya encourage marriages to do the same. For counseling, retreats, sermons and seminars visit

In this Vlog Derrick & Sonya will take a look at the marriage of B. Smith & Dan Gasby. They will share their thoughts about marriage, vows, commitment and love. You don't want to miss this candid discussion.